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Couples Counselling

Couples therapy

Romantic relationships can be hard work. They require regular care to keep them functioning well. Many couples expect romance to go on forever without doing the necessary work, only to face the realities of relationships. Relationship issues become more magnified when one or both parties carry a history of trauma.

Couples counselling can help individuals learn about one another, communicate effectively, and grow as individuals while becoming loving partners.

The therapist is an unbiased party who is there to help both partners function well together as a unit by providing solution-based interventions.

Couples therapy
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Why Therapy?

Life doesn’t come with a manual and many of us can get stuck in thoughts, habits, or patterns that are difficult to see when we’re going through them. Things can become more complicated when we suffer from childhood trauma, PTSD, depressive symptoms, or the anxiety of what may happen in the future.

Therapy is about helping you overcome obstacles, increase your positive feelings, and learn to connect to others in healthier ways. Our therapists are highly trained to recognize emotional struggles or behavioural issues, providing you with guidance when you might get stuck and helping you lead a more content life.

Benefits of Therapy

Research shows that those who seek therapy often become more self-aware, make better decisions, communicate better with others, and create more fulfilling social connections and relationships.

What are Therapy Sessions Like?

You may wonder what it may be like to come to therapy.
The first session is a consultation – a meeting for us to get to know each other and start building a therapeutic relationship.
It is also an opportunity for you to ask your therapist questions about their methods and talk about what issues you want to address.

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